Need help to make your food & beverages portfolio healthier?

Governments and consumers are demanding the food & drink industry offer truly healthier products. Lets help you create them.

What can we do for you?

I need NPD and need it NOW!


"Better for you" food & drink products are everywhere. Development costs have collapsed with community kitchens available at low cost. Seedrs & Indiegogo have made it easy to fund NPD. Pop-up shops and online discovery boxes make it easy to get products into consumers' hands. However, with over 90% of products failing within 12 months, we can help increase the odds of success for your NPD in the marketplace....and help you launch quickly.

How can I unlock profitable growth in the "healthy" space?


We will work with you / your team to get an in-depth understanding of what drives consumer preferences in your target food & drink segment(s) and unearth unmet consumer needs related to "better for you" products. Using effective co-creation techniques with consumers or other communities, we will develop together concepts & prototypes that are tested using traditional or new types of research to demonstrate potential value.

Winning NPD, over and over


We won't just help you with idea creation and concept / prototype development. We will go further by focusing from the outset on offering consumers affordable, convenient, healthier, and environmentally friendly solutions. This is what matters to them. We can also support your food & drink launch and be there for you to celebrate success and to help plan for the next one because the "better for you" marketplace does not sit still and neither should you.

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Location & Reach

We are Hertfordshire/London based but globally mobile. Face-to-face meetings are best but not always practical especially with time-sensitive projects. We are comfortable meeting via Skype, GoToMeeting etc.

NPD "your way"

We can spend a day with you to offer advice on your current NPD projects, or you can hire us as your resident "extrapreneur" for a couple of hours every week. We are very flexible in how we add value to your business.